Your reputation is critical to your success. At ITG Revenue Management Solutions, we realize the importance and delicate balance of servicing our clients, while at the same time, protecting your customers.  Our ultimate goal is to obtain maximum recovery rates while preserving the dignity and relationship between client and consumer.

  • Hospitals / Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Education / Student Loans
  • Residential / Housing
  • Consumer Retail / Memberships
  • Mechanical
  • Manufacturing
  • Government

As the economy begins to recover, remnants of the past remain as seen by escalating bad debt. No industry has remained immune and unscathed from decreased revenue, compressed margins, budget cuts, overhead reduction, or some financial adversity.  ITG-RMS knows Accounts Receivable Management and Recovery is the heart of your business.  With leading technology, our agency will locate and contact your patients and customers in a professional manner which will yield results.  This, however, is not done haphazardly.  We help account holders understand their options and work with them to settle their debt in a manner appropriate for both the customer and the client.



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