Company Overview



Founded in December 2014, ITG Revenue Management Solutions, LLC (ITG-RMS), and its staff built upon a 40-year reputation for establishing innovative solutions in record time. Not only does ITG-RMS excel at enhancing private sector businesses, our company’s leadership team has an innate ability to take these best practices and apply them to public sector requirements. Our company has a nationwide reach and operates in the health care, education, government, and financial service industries.

We provide our clients with access to full revenue cycle management services (initiation, servicing, and recovery), revenue cycle management consulting services, employment and income verification, and population health management support services.

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Our Philosophy

At ITG Revenue Management Solutions, we treat your customers like our customers. When entrusting our firm to recover lost revenue, we understand that our business is an extension of your business. We will value each debt and debtor, regardless of size and financial status, and work diligently, but respectfully to recover your revenue.


541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
561440 – Collection Agencies
561450 – Credit Bureaus
561491 – Repossession Services
561499 – All Other Business Support Services
561611 – Investigation Services
522390 – Loan Servicing