Partnering with ITG Revenue Management Solutions allows organizations to bring in payments quicker and reduce their costs to recover earned dollars. Our approach unlocks the cash flow of outstanding payments by giving individuals the information and tools they need to fulfill their obligation.

At ITG-RMS, our ultimate goal is to help our client’s businesses reach their potential. We follow the principles of respect, fairness, and trust. We always treat our client’s organization as if it is our own. ITG-RMS promises to provide clients with a service that is valuable and matches their specific needs.

Servicing, Recovering & Collecting

We combine technology-driven approaches with traditional methodologies to increase relative performance. We also provide an avenue for clients to decrease financial leverage and regulatory constraints by providing direct funding in exchange for future obligations through our PayMy platform.

Holistic Solution

We tailor our holistic and flexible approach to fit our client’s needs. Clients can choose from services including skip tracing, number and types of notices, inbound and outbound call management, repayment options, and last attempt litigation.

Cash Flow Optimization

Our focus on innovation and continuous process improvement allows ITG-RMS to deliver increased cash flow to clients. These attributes are why our clients believe that we present the best value.

Exceptional Customer Service

We do not view revenue recovery and customer service as mutually exclusive. As an operator of a nationally licensed collection agency, ITG-RMS delivers responsive and ethical services.

Support Services

We consistently bring innovative approaches to business support activities that range from data migration/reporting and AR follow-up to more integrated approaches like revenue cycle management staffing.

Health Care Specific Capabilities

For our health care clients, ITG-RMS, and its team members, provide Patient Pre-Authorization, Eligibility & Benefits Verification, Claims Submission, Billing, and Denial Management.