Protecting U.S. Citizens by Improving the Management of National, State, and Local Supplies Needed in a National Emergency

At ITG Revenue Management Solutions, we understand our duty as a business that has the pleasure to operate in the United States is to serve our greater community in times of crisis. With the national emergency created by the Covid-19 pandemic, our team is eager to lend its expertise in item tracking, authentication, and process improvement to bring solutions to our government clients. With team members who have over twenty (20) years of experience in this area, we stand ready to address the critical shortfalls in our state, local, and national ability to implement best practices in the management of essential equipment in the face of overwhelming demand caused by crisis events.

Our Solution:

We will relieve the pressures of locating and distributing excess inventory to areas of high need. Once hot spots are under control, we will help to redistribute equipment to the next location. Throughout this process, you can rely on us to have accurate and up-to-date information about items on hand. We view critical supply items to include, at a minimum: personal protective equipment, ventilators, testing supplies, vaccines, and other treatments. If it is trackable, we can help you manage it.

Four (4) Elements of Focus:

1. An integrated suite of labeling and marking technologies to ensure automatic and errorless capture of data from manufacturing through item usage or any other selected endpoint

2. An Android and iOS compatible app that gives authorized personnel the tool they need to track and authenticate critical equipment

3. A technology-enabled authentication of critical supply items at key stages in the supply chain

4. A real-time dashboard that provides manufacturers, regulators, transportation operators, distributors, medical care providers, and patients immediate access to the information required to monitor progress, identify anomalies, and even receive medical alerts from treated patients