Improving the Management of National, State, and Local Supplies

At ITG Revenue Management Solutions, our team members have over twenty (20) years of experience implementing best practices in the management of owned equipment and other mission-critical assets.

Our Solution:

We will relieve the pressures of locating, tagging, managing, and tracking large amounts of inventory. Throughout this process, you can rely on us to have accurate and up-to-date information about items on hand.If it is trackable, we can help you manage it.

Four (4) Elements of Focus:

1. An integrated suite of labeling and marking technologies to ensure automatic and errorless capture of data from manufacturing through item usage or any other selected endpoint

2. An Android and iOS compatible app that gives authorized personnel the tool they need to track and authenticate equipment

3. A technology-enabled authentication of supply items at key stages in the supply chain

4. A real-time dashboard that provides manufacturers, regulators, transportation operators, and distributors immediate access to the information required to monitor progress, identify anomalies, and even receive alerts