ITG Revenue Management Solutions has been working with a local university providing their student loan collections for the last 2 years. Our recovery rate is more than twice the rate achieved by their previous collections company. The university is using the increase in recovered funds to support additional scholarships for deserving students. A primary objective of this activity is to assist students in rehabilitation of their delinquent accounts by structuring an affordable payment plan. During this process, our agents assure the student that the university understands their situation and is committed to helping them meet their obligations.

Our traditional commercial collections experience has been concentrated in providing services to medical clientele, resulting in an expansion of our service offerings to include payment processing and financing. Medical providers and their staff are focused on treating patients and often require specialized expertise with coordinating financial arrangements. To address this need, we provide a combination of expertise and technology allowing the patient to receive services as soon as possible and reducing the barrier that can be created by ever-increasing deductibles and co-pays.

ITG-RMS employees have direct experience inside the Department of Education working with Student Loan Programs, as well as performing collection litigation services and processing debt collection cases. We have a long history of supporting Federal agencies, state and local governments.