The Federal Government is the single largest lender of funds for higher education through direct student loans.  ITG-RMS seeks to subcontract on the Department of Education Student Loan collection contract.  Roughly 42 million Americans owe in excess of $1.3T in student loans, of which 90% is either owned or guaranteed by the Department of Education.  Seven out of every ten students now graduate with some amount of student debt.  As staggering as these numbers are, what is equally staggering is the number of student borrowers who are either in or who are approaching default on these loans. 

  1. Student Loan Rehabilitation
    ITG-RMS works with student borrowers to leverage personal budgeting and available programs to restore their good standing on student loans.  These approaches vary and may be impacted by changes in government policies and funding.  By remaining abreast of changes in Department of Education Policies, ITG-RMS counsels borrowers on how best to protect their credit while responsibly fulfilling their loan obligations.
  2. Student Loan Recovery
    When rehabilitation fails, ITG-RMS provides direct recovery services for colleges and universities issuing private institutional loans.  Combining our best in class collector training, a state-of-the-art collections system and time-proven techniques, ITG-RMS develops strategies to reach delinquent borrowers and to structure individualized repayment solutions that meet the needs of the lending institution and the borrower.


Case Study

Private College Collections with an Eye Toward “Giving Back”

Two years ago, our Chef Executive Officer was approached for a donation from a local college to support a scholarship endowment.  The “ask” was what you’ve all experienced, “Can I get a check for $500 or $1000?”. Thus, began the conversation that led to more than $50,000 going to their scholarship program over the last two years from new funds! 

How did we do it?  Our CEO asked for their student debt collection work with the promise that we could do better and the difference could be used to fund the scholarship.  And do better we have.  Currently we are outperforming the previous recovery by 90% and by early 2018 we will have more than doubled the previous recovery. 

We can do the same for you!  Our approach is more of a rehabilitation or consultation rather than the typical hard collection process.  We firmly believe that a large percentage of these debtors want to make good on their loans and we do our best to make it easy for them.  Together we determine what payments they can make given their income/expenses and provide a convenient and reliable method of making the payments. 

The results speak for themselves!  Give us a call or email us to learn more.