An unexpected medical expense of even a few hundred dollars at one time to meet a deductible, co-pay or non-covered treatment can prevent patients from receiving needed treatment.

Our Solution:

PayMyDoc provides 0% APR payment plans to help bridge the gap between a patient’s monthly budget and their medical bills. Program payments can be made using credit cards, bank accounts, and payroll deductions. We work with health care providers and employers to provide people the opportunity to receive the care that they need by bypassing the requirement of full payment upfront.

By working with PayMyDoc and their employer, patients make affordable zero-interest payments that fit within their unique financial situation.

Healthcare providers get money at the point of service from clients that are historically viewed as “high-risk” of non-repayment.

Healthcare providers are recognized as “preferred” with employers and this additional awareness will lead to increased interest from new patient populations, enhancing total revenue for providers.

Healthcare providers can earn a direct benefit by helping PayMyDoc identify and approach local employers (current patients or business associates) whose employees or coworkers could benefit from our service.